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UNIFOJ, recognising the relevance of matters pertaining to Nationality Law, as well as the depth of the changes that have been taking place, decided to continue the advanced training series dedicated to this theme.
Aimed at all legal professionals, this training series aims to provide its recipients with theoretical and practical knowledge so that they can more easily and safely find ways to resolve the different issues within the scope of Portuguese nationality that arise in the performance of their professions.
Always with an eminently practical perspective, the establishment of filiation, the acquisition of nationality, naturalisation and nationality litigation will be emphasized.
Target Audience
This training series is addressed to all legal professionals, namely lawyers, registrars, magistrates, notaries, solicitors, and to all those who wish to maximise their theoretical and practical skills on this area.

Vitória Andrade e Silva | Registrar

UNIFOJ – Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra 

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