Registries and Notaries 2022


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UNIFOJ, recognising the relevance of the matters pertaining to registry and notary public services, as well as the depth of the changes that have been taking place, decided to continue the series of advanced training dedicated to this theme which, as is well known, covers a substantial part of the life of legal professionals.

Always from an eminently practical perspective, the titling and registration in topics such as the constitution and modification of horizontal property, the notarial justification and the purchase and sale contract, and also, within the scope of Inheritance Law, wills and probate and partition of property deserve to be highlighted.

This training series is aimed at all legal professionals, namely lawyers, registrars, magistrates, notaries, solicitors, and all those who wish to maximise their theoretical and practical skills in the field of registry and notarial services.

Isabel Folga (former Registrar) and Olga Barreto (former Notary)

UNIFOJ – Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra

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