PROJECTS CONCLUDED (by year of completion)





PACED Activities


Coronavirus pandemic in the EU – Fundamental Rights implications: Introduction of a Vaccine ‘Pass’ and National Vaccine Deployment

Relatório Europeu – FRA

 Fundamental rights issues in the context of border management and return

 Criminal Detention in the EU – Conditions and Monitoring


Guardianship systems for unaccompanied children


Procedural safeguards for children who are suspects or accused persons in criminal proceedings


Procedural safeguards for children who are suspects or accused persons in criminal proceedings – Part II: Fieldwork research with children


Legal environment and space of civil society organisations in supporting fundamental rights

Relatório Nacional - OPJ

Relatório Europeu – FRA

Fundamental Rights Report 2021

Study of the prison system focussing on the social and professional conditions of Prison Officers


O projeto


Long-term residence permits

Presumption of Innocence: procedural rights in criminal proceedings

REPORT   Relatório europeu – FRA


National contribution to the Fundamental Rights Report 2020


The use of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights at national level – 2020

Case Law Database

Coronavirus pandemic in the EU – impact on Roma and Travellers


Coronavirus pandemic in the EU – Fundamental Rights Implications

I Report   II Report   III Report   IV Report   V Relatório

Fundamental Rights Impact of the EU Terrorism Directive


Justice for all? Equal access to criminal justice for all victims of crimes against the person
Report not yet available

Experiences of discrimination on grounds of disability and on grounds of age in the area of employment and occupation
Report not yet available

Severe labour exploitation and the Employers Sanction Directive
Report not yet available

FRA Anti-Muslim hatred database – Update 2020
Report not yet available


ACURIA – Assessing Courts’ Undertaking of Restructuring and Insolvency Actions: best practices, blockages and ways of improvement


Exploratory study on access to justice and the functional performance of the courts in Mozambique


Towards Smart and Innovative Justice in Portugal: Fostering Inclusive Growth

FRA Anti-Muslim hatred database – Update 2019

FRA Databases

Review of the Portuguese version of the 10 keys to effectively communicating human rights


Legal Aid in Return Procedures – 2019
Report not yet available

Training programme to prepare Public Prosecution judges and magistrates to exercise their functions in the courts of appeal of Luanda and Benguela.


The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union “in action”



Justice and efficiency. The case of administrative and tax courts

The courts in East Timor - Challenges to a judicial system under construction  


Evaluative Study of Judicial Decisions on Domestic Violence

Book   Video


Justice on appeal in Angola


Para um programa estratégico da reforma da justiça em Angola

Programa para a implementação da reforma do mapa e da organização judiciária em Angola

THB:COOPtoFIGHT – The fight against trafficking in human beings in EU: promoting legal cooperation and victims’ protection


Trafficking in Human Beings for Labour Exploitation: Challenge(s) to Right(s)


Building Interoperability for European civil procedings on line

Organized civil society and courts: the mobilisation of law and justice in Lisbon, Luanda, Maputo and São Paulo


Who are they? Professional characterization of judges and prosecutors in Portugal

Women as Judges and Public Prosecutors in Portugal: paths, experiences and representations


JUSTMEN – Menu for Justice. Toward a European Curriculum Studiorum on Judicial Studies

Desafios à Justiça de Proximidade: os Julgados de Paz. Relatório e Proposta do Anteprojeto da Lei dos Julgados de Paz (em parceria com a Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Agostinho Neto)

Desafios à Mudança do Sistema Judicial. Para uma Nova Geografia da Justiça. Relatório e Proposta do Anteprojeto da Lei de Organização e Funcionamento dos Tribunais Judiciais da Jurisdição Comum (em parceria com a Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Agostinho Neto)

Fundamentos para a Promoção do Acesso ao Direito e à Justiça. Relatório e Proposta do Anteprojeto da Lei de Acesso ao Direito e à Justiça (em parceria com a Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Agostinho Neto)

Para uma Política Criminal em Angola. Relatório e Proposta do Anteprojeto da Lei de Bases da Política Criminal (em parceria com a Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Agostinho Neto)


The Portuguese Cooperation in the Justice Sector (2000-2009) in Portuguese-Speaking African Countries

The judicial system and the challenges of social complexity: new paths for the recruitment and training of magistrates


The European Arrest Warrant in law and in practice: a comparative study for the consolidation of the European law-enforcement area


Compensation for life and the body in law and in rulings

Evaluation of the I National Plan Against Trafficking in Human Beings

The new legal regime of divorce under evaluation

Between law and practice: contributions to the reform of the Juvenile Justice Act

Management in the courts: a look at the experience of the experimental judicial districts

Luanda and justice: legal pluralism in a changing society. The fight for social and political relevance: the judicial courts in Angola


Criminal Justice – A reform under evaluation. Monitoring the Criminal Reform

Challenges to local justice: evaluation of the functioning of the Peace Courts in Portugal


Towards a New Judiciary: quality and efficiency in managing civil cases

Monitoring the Criminal Reform:

  • Second half-yearly report
  • Update of data collected from the Directorate-General for Prison Services and the Directorate-General for Social Reintegration
  • First half-yearly report
  • Progress Report: Preliminary data analysis
  • The preparation process and the public debate on reform


Public-private partnerships and justice: a comparative analysis of different experiences

The Civil Enforcement Procedure in Review: a proposal for reform

Women Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Portugal

Apoio à criação do Observatório da Justiça Brasileira – Programa das Nações Unidas para o Desenvolvimento


How to manage courts? Comparative analysis of organisational and management models for the justice sector

Recruitment and Training of Magistrates: Comparative Analysis of Systems in European Union Countries

The Geography of Justice - Towards a new judicial map


Judges' acts and times: contributions to the construction of procedural distribution indicators in civil courts

Towards a justice reform agenda - Memorandum from the Permanent Justice Observatory on roadblocks and proposed solutions


The Difficult Paths of the "New" Juvenile Justice - A two-year evaluation of the application of the Juvenile Justice Act

Public opinion survey on the functioning of Portuguese Courts


The Social Reintegration of Inmates - A contribution to the debate on the reform of the prison system

The Costs of Public Faith - A study on the social impact of the new emolumentary regime for registries and notaries


Adoption: the blockages of a complex administrative and legal process

Courts and territory: a contribution to the debate on the reform of the judicial organisation in Portugal

Access to law and justice: a fundamental right in question

Procedural reforms and crime in the 1990s - Special forms of prosecution and provisional suspension of proceedings: problems and blockages

Labour Justice - Analysis of recent procedural dynamics

Trends in criminality and criminal sanctions in the 1990s - Problems and blockages in the execution of the prison sentence and the provision of work in favour of the community


Paths of informalisation and de-judicialisation - along the path of reform of the administration of justice (comparative analysis)

Justice administration and management - Comparative analysis of reform trends

Interim procedural changes in 2000 - Legislative measures to simplify civil and criminal proceedings, court costs and legal aid

The recruitment and training of judges and public prosecutors: A proposal for renewal - Comparative analysis of systems and judicial discourse in Portugal

Administrative Justice in Portugal (1974-1999) - Report of a research project

Executive action: characterisation, blockages and reform proposals